How to beat Karma
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Avoid letting her harass you for free, as it will lower her Mantra's cooldown. Report
Try your best to escape from her Focused Resolve when she casts it on you, as it will root you after a short while. Report
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Leave the circle from her Mantra Inner Flame as it will deal bonus damage in the circle after a short duration. Report
Most effective poke for Karma is her Q. Esp. when she has Inner Flame on. I personally only use that to poke to save mana. Bait that poke early game before you dive. It does serious dmg and can slow you for lots of AA cooldown Report
Don’t be fooled if you see Karma at low health. Between her [E] and Mantra [W] she can get more than enough health to kill you if you come in low too. Bait her Mantra into something else then attack if possible. Report
Before Karma gained free AP with her passive. Now that this is not the case we need to reconsider this counter. Report
Karma does substantially more damage but she has no stuns, making it difficult to all-in properly, and she cannot heal her ADC so she has trouble winning a poke war. Report
Go behind your minions and stay there, poking with Arcanopulse. If she gets in tether range from that position, she and her jungler can kill you, so slow her if she starts getting close. Report
With Malzahar's abilities being far better at waveclearing she will have a hard time last hitting under tower. Report
Unlike some champions whose movements are predictable or latent, Karma possesses the ability to shield and speed up herself or an ally. Place Event Horizon farther out than normal to ensure Karma has nowhere to run. Report


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