How to beat Jayce with Nidalee Click here for How to beat Nidalee with Jayce
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If you're not confident in the matchup, try starting cloth armor. Dorans shield isn't worth it after the nerfs and the 5 potions helps more and get you to your mid tier items faster. Report
Don't take damage for free. When Jayce jumps on you try to heal and auto back. Even if he hits you away he is effectively a melee champion for the next 6 seconds. Jayce has no natural sustain. Even if you lose the short trade, you win long-term. Report
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Play aggressive as Jayce will significantly outscale you late game. Report
Both champions have quite similar skillsets. Nidalee is stronger early game - best option is to hit spear and go for melee trade, back off, use your natural substain (human E). Trade again. Report
With your heal+AS buff you easily win auto attack trades with jayce. Report
Since Nidalee has been nerfed really hard this counter no longer applies. Both champions have similar skillsets, but Jayce scales better and has even stronger early game. Utilize your superiority to trade with her. Report


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