How to beat Jayce
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Keep your distance behind minions to avoid being hit by his long range poke. Report
Using Flash to leave the area before he hits the ground using his Hammer stance To the Skies! will completely negate the damage. Report
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Jayce has no innate sustain, so picking a champion with innate sustain can outlane a Jayce. Report
Changing weapons has a 6 second cooldown, if he wastes it for whatever reason go ham then retreat Report
If you're not confident in the matchup, try starting cloth armor. Dorans shield isn't worth it after the nerfs and the 5 potions helps more and get you to your mid tier items faster. Report
Don't take damage for free. When Jayce jumps on you try to heal and auto back. Even if he hits you away he is effectively a melee champion for the next 6 seconds. Jayce has no natural sustain. Even if you lose the short trade, you win long-term. Report
This is the ultimate skill matchup. Even MaKNoonN said "Only person who counters Jayce is Irelia, only person who counters Irelia is Jayce." As Irelia, if you seem him standing by low health minions, q the minion go on him, wait for hammer, then q back. Report
Poke with E then follow up with Q. Closing distance between you and him will cause him to switch to his melee stance. When he does this use your W. His knockback will hit the clone letting you get behind him to maintain attacking. Report
Pant in early game will break Jayce, but in late game Jayce can win the Pant, after lvl 14. If Jayce only poke with E+Q, so break the pant if he is low life. If Pant you have to be very agressive in early game! Good luck :D Report
This SEEMS like it should be tough for the croc with Jayce's poke' however, haven't lost it yet. Stay behind your minions to avoid his poke, build fury. E, W, AA, Q, E to safety and you take half his health w/o losing a thing. Rinse/repeat. Win Report


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