How to beat Jax with Garen Click here for How to beat Garen with Jax
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When Jax starts Counterstrike and jumps in, press W to reduce the damage and stun time, and E to punish him for jumping within range of you. Follow with Q after you stop spinning to land another massive damage blow on him. Report
His E cannot dodge your Q and E. Jax relies a lot on his counter strike to dodge the damage he recieves. Garen is extremely tanky for Jax and your early damage is huge. Do not let him roam or farm, or he'll be a problem late game. Use W when trading. Report
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Play safe until level 4, when you can put a point into W. This allows you to win trades when used as Jax engages. Report
Try to silence Jax with your Q before he uses his Counter Strike, and if you can't then use your W to reduce the stun duration. Jax has no natural healing ability or poke; use your passive to your advantage and heal up before you engage against him. Report
It is absolutely crucial that you do not push until you have at least the items for a sunfire cape and finished merc treads. If he can get a jungler gank, you will die. However, when you have a lot of early armor, deny him farm and exp as long as possible Report


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