How to beat Jax
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Avoid attacking him when he turns on his Counter Strike. Report
Try to do short trades against a Jax, as Jax excels in long extended trades because of his passive and ultimate. Report
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Be careful for every 3rd AA hit + empower in the same hit after 6. Report
You wanna win before 6, after 6 is where jax gets most of his power Report
In order for you to beat Jax in lane as Malphite, you'll need to slowly poke him. You'd want to max E for the wave clear and trading power. It'll be very hard for you to kill Jax unless you call for a gank or slowly poke him down. Report
Jax can outtrade you at level 1 with counterstrike. At pretty much every point after that you're stronger. You outwaveclear, outdamage and outsustain him. Build an advantage pre-11 or you will get outscaled. Report
Maxing your Tempest first will minimize Jax's damage since he relies on Auto-attacks. When he uses Counter-Strike, Safeguard to a minion to avoid the stun and damage, then Sonic Wave back to maximize your damage against him. Report
When Jax starts Counterstrike and jumps in, press W to reduce the damage and stun time, and E to punish him for jumping within range of you. Follow with Q after you stop spinning to land another massive damage blow on him. Report
Force Jax to engage within Nasus's Spirit Fire whenever possible to maximize damage output from Siphoning Strike and nearby friendly creep. Report
When jax turns on his e, root him with your w immediately. This way, he cant jump and his stun would go to waste Report
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