How to beat Irelia
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Attack speed reduction is extremely strong against Irelia, which lessens the effectiveness of her Hiten Style's active. Report
Be wary of having higher health than she does, as her Equilibrium Strike will stun you instead of slowing you. Report
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Be wary of being near low-health minions as she can dash on them to get closer to you. Report
If you know her animation for her hiten style, you can time it for 5 seconds and engage while its down, for it no longer does true damage but only do so if you can kill her and are tanky enough for it. Report
Irelia is a very mobile Bruiser with insane dueling capabilities. Her damage revolves around basic attacks, however reducing her Attack Damage is not an option because of her Hiten Style active. Try reducing her attack speed instead. Report
do not towerdive her, even if you have a big advantage, equilibrium strike will destroy you Report
Pressure her early if possible, when she doesn't have levels in her W and items yet. Report
Remember that if you're both at the same % health, for example both full life, the stun on her E will still proc. Report
Beware, good irelias will use a minion to jump near you and not directly on you. Make sure you never duel her when the health bars are close but she has less, unless you are sure you can out trade her/out sustain her. Report
Her stun is 1 second long on early levels. When the ability is maxed it is 2 seconds long. Be careful about it when dueling against her. Report


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