How to beat Irelia
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Attack speed reduction is extremely strong against Irelia, which lessens the effectiveness of her Hiten Style's active. Report
Be wary of having higher health than she does, as her Equilibrium Strike will stun you instead of slowing you. Report
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Be wary of being near low-health minions as she can dash on them to get closer to you. Report
If you know her animation for her hiten style, you can time it for 5 seconds and engage while its down, for it no longer does true damage but only do so if you can kill her and are tanky enough for it. Report
A good Irelia beats Jax from about level 4 to 11. If you start dorans blade, try trading at level 1 with counterstrike. After that mostly try farming up as evenly as possible by using counterstrike during her W. You win if you aren't behind at level 11. Report
Olaf gets numerous free stats from his abilities; Irelia is more item-dependent. Force fights early and slam her with the thunderbolt when she tries to farm. Report
Use "Wither" to slow Irelia's attack speed after she activates "Hiten Style". Report
Don't initiate with Apprehend from full HP--she'll stun you and heal off the damage while it's on cooldown. Keep Decimating her and take advantage of the latent threat of Apprehend to zone her when she starts getting low. Report
You have to go aggro on her early. Fiora can take her early-game easily. However, If jungle camps Irelia and she gets fed, watch out, she can easily turn the tables and beat you. Report
If you can, poke her with your Q and E whenever is availible. Report
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