How to beat Illaoi with Nasus Click here for How to beat Nasus with Illaoi
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Fun fact: Nasus can stack Illaoi's tentacles. Report
Hit the tentacle once and then use Q for a free stack! best counter out there Report
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Nasus's innate sustain from his passive can help him farm in the early game, and Illaoi's tentacles stack his Siphoning Strike when killed. If Illaoi is harassing you out of last hits, just go for stacks on the tentacles. Same if you become a vessel. Report
Just stack her tentacles and stack minions when she ult you W her and go away Report
The best thing you can do is stack of her tentacles but if you play it really smart you wait till you can get frozen heart (do it every time tho) then back and tp, illaoi cant back because you will push the tower and win the game. Ghost will help you win Report
its so easy! wait for her to pull you and when the kraken tenticals appear you just stack them! illaoi might take down your tower first but by the time she does that you will already have 300 stacks at 15 minutes Report


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