How to beat Illaoi
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When she uses her E to rip out your soul make sure to either stand apart from it (in order to stop her AOE hitting you multiple times) or else leave the tether range. Note that leaving tether range will still apply her tentacle spawner onto your champion! Report
Illaoi has a hard time chasing people due to a lack of good gap-closers. Pick champions with high mobility or movementspeed. (this also helps avoiding tentacle attacks) Report
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Fun fact: Nasus can stack Illaoi's tentacles. Report
Avoid standing close to the tentacles she spawns as she is likely to use this chance to dunk you with her W and cause the tentacle(s) to hit you VERY hard and heal her slightly. Report
If she is hard focusing your soul, attack her while she's doing it as you can do more damage to her than she can to you focusing your soul. Report
Hit the tentacle once and then use Q for a free stack! best counter out there Report
You can easy dodge everyskill shot of Illaoi with E i pref maxing first of all E Report
DO NOT recall unawared when you are cursed. A tentacle WILL find you, and WILL kill you. (Kill 3 tentacles to remove the curse) Report
Use your Q on Illaoi to silence her, preventing her from using her tentacles on you. You can even spin into her and use the speed buff from your Q to juke her Q or E follow-up. If she ults when she's low, you can R her before she has a chance to heal. Report
Use AA to easily kill the tentacle (tons of money). Just Pix her if she got you with the E spell, you will reduce her burst and punish her hardly (Illaoi is pretty weak early). Report


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