How to beat Hecarim
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Avoid being clumped so he won't be able to use his ultimate to fear multiple people. Report
Move away from him when he has his Spirit of Dread on, as he will heal from any source of damage dealth to enemies. Report
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When an enemy Hecarim ganks your lane, do not allow him to go behind you while he has his 'Devestating Charge' movement speed buff active. He may knock you back slightly, away from your tower into the opposing laner, preventing you from getting to safet Report
To counter the power of Hecarim's ganks pick exhaust or champions with stuns or slows. It will massively reduce effect of his passive and Devastating Charge. Report
Try to play a aggresive jungler, hecarim lacks early damage also try to get a ward to see which buff they start at (Usually Blue) and meet him at his second buff if his lanes don't collapse on you, it is a free kill and a 3rd buff Report
When he uses his E 'Devasting Charge' and starts running towards you, use any form on CC on him, this is greatly reduces his damage output. Report
Slowing Hecarim will reduce his AD due to his passive granting AD based off movementspeed (can reduce beyond the amount of AD his Passive grants) Report
Buy Quicksilver Sash to remove Hecarim's Terrify Ultimate. Report


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