How to beat Gnar with Zed Click here for How to beat Zed with Gnar
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This entire matchup is Zed abusing Mini-Gnar's low stats and assassinating the squishy Gnar, while staying safe during Gnar's Tanky Phase. Zed's ability to stick with Gnar even with Gnar's mobility is one of his strongest factors in his ability to wi Report
As Zed keep poking him and after he transforms into MegaGnar and back into MiniGnar there is a 12 second delay when he can't gain rage.Use this time to pull off an assassination.Remember to use your Deathmark when he uses his Hop so you can follow him. Report
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Once Level 6 comes by, Zed is actually much stronger than Mini-Gnar, and unlike many in the top lane who share this trait, Zed is not so easy to hop away from. After some poke, an ult will make short work of this rat if he isn't Mega. Report
When Gnar hits his enraged status, as long as you have your shadow you cannot be jumped on. Zed should attempt to not fight at this stage if possible, but stay to safely poking/farming. Fighting Gnar at this point is a wasted effort to a degree. Report
Zed actually beats Gnar quite easily before Gnar hits his midgame and starts to build tanky. Pre-6, Zed can safely poke Gnar without fear of being retailiated via Shadows & Hiding behind friendly minions. Report


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