How to beat Gnar with Riven Click here for How to beat Riven with Gnar
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When Gnar has his Rage almost full and he hops a minion and prepare to land on you with Mega Gnar, Use E to engage and survive the hit, and you can be away from his stun.. Report
Remember to get an early ghostblade so you can catch him.If you find him in mini form he'll die 3 seconds. Report
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Don't try to use your Ki Burst or 3rd use of Broken Wings when he uses Wallop, he won't get interrupted. Instead, use Valor to move out of the way and to take less damage from his Q if he throws it. Report
poke gnar so that he is getting Mega Gnar when he is normal finish him. try to avoid his Q and E you can also avoid the dmg of his W when you use youre E . Dont fight him in Mega Gnar form !!! Report


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