How to beat Gnar
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Just poke with ur Q and go lvl 3 mega gnar for full combo E W Q Report
His early is kinda weakhis ragebar controls everything,mini gnar high mobility,pre 6 nice poke,so initiate on mini gnar would tear him down,aswell,while his ragebar is red,best thing is to stay away from him,due to his incredible dmg and tanky potential Report
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Dogde his Q, it's a strong poke and the slow will get you down lategame. If possible make sure he don't catch the boomerang, fx. with a stun. Then the cooldown on it will be high. Report
gnar is weak vs champs with mobility hence why riven nd yasuo counter him, he is mobile in mini but is squishy, then in mega riven nd yasuo can e past the slam and juke him reducing his dmg output Report
It might be a better choice to wait out his Mega Gnar Duration and try poking him while he is Mini Gnar to get a successful kill. Report
Kill mega Gnar before he transforms back or else he gets a movement speed boost from Hyper. Report
Mini gnar has sustained damage, is very mobile however very squishy. Burst him down while he's in his mini form. Mega Gnar has burst damage, is very slow and very tanky, and has lots of CC. Kite and poke him in his mega form. Report
DO NOT tower dive Gnar after 6lv when his rage bar is almost full, he can ult you on his tower or jungle walls and burst you down with his low cooldown skills. Report
You have to win the trades before 6 lv because when he is 6 lv he can burst you down with all of his AoE dmg skills. Report
Fight when he is Mini-Gnar, and back off when he transforms. When he changes back you can easily burst him down with any champion. Report


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