How to beat Gnar
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target the line when his boomerang returns to get a sure hit or if he decides to dodge it his q will be on cooldown at least 14 seconds (17 at start) use that time as he cant harass u so easy without his q to farm or go aggresive to steadily win the lane! Report
Most people think that Gnar is at his strongest when he is mega Gnar, but this is not always the case. Little Gnar is AA based while mega Gnar relies more on abilities, so if you dodge mega Gnar's combo, you can out-kite him due to his slow mobility. Report
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if you are ganking gnar, dont go in behind him unless you have some sort of teleport (eg. Yi, Katarina) or a long ranged stun/root/suppress (eg. sion, warwick) as he can just hop on and over you to escape easily. Report
Don't allow your team to clump up near walls or turrets. Gnar's ultimate can stun you if you're too close to objects you can't pass through. Report
Punish him for not catching the Boomerang Report
In teamfights try to have good positioning with your team and allways watch his rage bar. He can hop while transforming into mega Gnar and if you do not have good positioning he can ult all of you into a wall thus doing more damage and stunning you. Report
When ganking Gnar, try to make him use his E, so he will have less mobility when he gets ganked. Have an eye on his rage too. Report
wait for the time after the transformation when his rage bar can't generate or when his is low,to CC him and burst him down with your jungler to secure the kill or even without the jungler but be careful of his mobility use ulti ONLY if it's sure he di Report
Do not follow Mini Gnar when he is quite full rage in bushes or near walls after 6 lv. Report
Gnar has low base armor and mr stats try to fight him early game to shut him down so he doesn't get fed into late game Report


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