How to beat Gnar
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Be very aggressive. Take ignite, and rush a sheen. The early game strategy is to force gnar to bounce away every engage, giving jax a hp advantage. Later on, once gnar gets tanky, just wait for him to transform and beat him in mega gnar form Report
Poke with Q. Dodge his Q. EQ when he transforms into mini-gnar to burn his bounce. EQ again when it's up. Win lane. Report
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You can easily Outtrade him at 150 stacks. If you're winning trade use W to either close the gap or make his W passive less effective. Do not pop you're ultimate while fighting. Try to ingage when his Rage level as already fell to 0. Tired will feck Gna Report
Quinn has a lot more range than Gnar, you can easily harass him but keep an eye on his rage bar ! If he jump on you but fail his stun, just fallback with your E and AA him until he retreats. Report
Bait out his boomerang and Vault him away from the pick-up lines. He'll have his boomerang on about a 20 second cooldown. Since you have more AA range than him and a blind, it's pretty much free harass. E away from Mega Gnar, you can't do much. Report
target the line when his boomerang returns to get a sure hit or if he decides to dodge it his q will be on cooldown at least 14 seconds (17 at start) use that time as he cant harass u so easy without his q to farm or go aggresive to steadily win the lane! Report
It is incredibly easy to counter Gnar with Quinn. Smartcast E, to be faster, and whenever he trys to jump on you E him and do few autos if possible. Use your passive as much as possible. Q is great when he is on you. Report
When he uses is boomerang try to trace where he will walk then use your Spear. Dont engage when his bar is almost full to avoid mega gnar CC. Report
Subjugate will completely gut the defensive stat's from Mega Gnar AND his build options. Transforming near Trundle removes your Mobility and Buff's don't do it. Report
Gnar scales into mid game way better than Jax, but Jax scales way better late game. Be as aggressive as possible early game, maxing Q. If you are unable to get a good advantage before level 7-8, begin farming passively until botrk and triforce. Report
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