How to beat Gnar
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Avoid staying near walls, his Mega Gnar combo is a high burst and mostly a high CC chain. Report
Gnar's power is in his kiting, which is enabled by his W. If you don't want to get kited, make sure you can get to him and burst him before his W procs. Report
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Use ur e then q to go in and put out damage and then use w to get away without taking alot of damage when he is low enough use ur e q r combo on him make sure you watch his rage bar Report
Keep your distance, yet lasthitting minions (with q if you have to) until you hit lvl 6. Then it's a walk in the park. Save up at least 2 stacks of ult, one for initiate and one to chase when he jumps away. *needless to say, stay away from his ult* Report
Don't fight when he's Mega, poke E, Q, auto or Q, Q, E when he is mini and always try to dodge boomerang so he can't trade back. If he is about to go Mega and will prob all in you, set up under tower and ult/e to avoid stuns. Report
Once you are 6 you have a lot of kill potential if you can catch him in mini-form. Farm and poke until then. Report
When he is in little gnar poke him with your Q and try to get closert to him Report
poke gnar so that he is getting Mega Gnar when he is normal finish him. try to avoid his Q and E you can also avoid the dmg of his W when you use youre E . Dont fight him in Mega Gnar form !!! Report
when he turns into mega gnar ult him and club em Report
As Mega Gnar, your hammer's E an be a good desengage for his hop. Switch to the hammer when his rage bar gets near the max. After desengaging, attempt to poke with the cannon and wait for him to go back to Mini. Then burst him down. Report
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