How to beat Gnar
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Try to make him lose his Boomerang when returning back to him, he will stay on high cooldown. Report
Always keep in mind he can slow / CC you for days, assume you cannot run from him. So turtle under turret and never cross past river. Avoid his Q+2x basics combo with your W. When he is nearing full rage, turtle and snipe creep with your E. Report
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Avoid fighting with Gnar in narrow places. He can easily throw you on walls with his ultimate and stun you for a long time. Report
If he only harasses with Boomerang and won't commit, consider maxing W instead of Q as the increased slow will allow you to stick better after Apprehend. Go ham on Mega-Gnar as you're a much better duelist. Report
As Mini Gnar, harass as much as you can. Attempt an early level 3 engage when his rage bar is low. You'll outdamage him greatly. Report
He can win trades in the Mega Gnar form. If he is about to turn, use your mobility in brush, combined with Hunt bonus, and wait till transformation ends in safe distance. Report
Wait untill gnar goes out of his mega form before trying to teamfight, he will be tired and can't gain any rage to help his team with mega gnar. Report
Do not try to engage Mega Gnar early on as he can easily proc your passive. Poke him with his e then q for the knock-up while he is slowed, then auto attack him with your damage w activated. Keep trading with mini gnar and sustain throughout. Report
Gnar is strong in lane cuz he can poke u with q.Rengar needs to poke gnar with e and jump on him with q activated.If U cant kill gnar in fight dont use ferocity q, instead just heal ur self. Ask jungler to come and use ferocity e on gnar and kill him. Report
Max out your E first to outdamage him in his mini form, your Q can follow him through his jump(first Q, he jumps--> use 2nd Q) as soon as you hit level 3 or even level4 he is doomed, engage whenever his rage bar is empty Report
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