How to beat Gnar
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Play aggressive on him. Dodge his ranged abilities and stack your hemorrhage when he goes in on you. Most importantly, save your ultimate until he is in Mini Gnar form so you can deal maximum damage on him. Report
With your range advantage, you can bully Gnar quite care-free. The only dangerous situation should be upon Gnar transforming, so keep an eye on his rage bar. If he has over 90, shoot him once, then retreat. Your poison will most likely trigger Mega-Gnar Report
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Use your combo E + Q to get him low. Use W to avoid damage and avoid getting chase by him. Remember you can only get him down with shorts but high damage trades. Recomend Flask for this! Report
Windwalling Mega Gnar's rock should reduce his damage output greatly. If his rage is high, try to stack up your Q ASAP, and when he leap-engages you, Q and ult. With the reduced armor and his rock blocked, you should outdamage him easily. Report
As Teemo you have more autoattack range just poke and blind when he try to trade damage. At lvl 6 you should start plating shrooms around your lane, if he tries to engage use your W and run away from him. Easy win for Teemo Report
Poke him with Q and E as much as you can. Then watch out for his rage bar - if you feel he's going to engage, just pool away and try to hit your Q's and E's while running. After 6 with some spellvamp you should 1v1 him easily. Report
Start cloth tunic and 5 health potions for his poke rush boots of swiftness and frozen heart. Dodge his projectiles if possible and don't try to trade with him at all till mid-late game when you have the advantage as long as he's not too fed. Report
Stay away from walls when gnar is about to transform as he can easily stun and burst you Report
Really don't suggest picking Garen against Gnar. If you do get stuck here however, build Cloth Armor and 5 Pots to start, and play very defensively. He can dodge all of your damage with his jump. avoid his boomerang and you should be able to stay alive. Report
All you need to do is windwall his Boomerang, and play safe if he's mega Report
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