How to beat Gangplank
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Buying early armor against Gangplank is very effective as it will lower the damage from his Parrrley and auto attacks. Report
Avoid using suppression/stun ultimates on Gangplank because he can cure out of it by using his W(note: Urgot's ult will still cause them to switch places). Report
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Don't clump together crowd control on Gangplank. His W removes all crowd control effects on him at once. Wait until he removes scurvy, then hit hit with hard cc to lock him down. Report
After the rework, Gangplank has surprising burst and very decent waveclear. If he places a barrel close to him/ inside the melee minions, be carful that he doesnt drop a barrel on you and instantly ignite it from the chain reaction. Report
Start with Doran's Shield and he'll stop harassing you; if he doesn't, he'll quickly run out of mana. Report
GP's lvl 1 max health is huge, so be care about this. Report
Start with some pots for sustain because most GP will start flask .. In most of my Games against GP i build Early Tabi's and Thornmail so his scaling damage with crits doesnt affect you as much and it works 4 times out of 5 even if you're behind in CS Report
If you can manage to harass Gangplank hard, he'll have a lot of trouble farming as he'll have to keep using his W to sustain, and he'll be unable to spam his Q for farming or he'll have to back early. However, this is dangerous for most champions! Report
He will eat oranges and be K. Use ability after consumption. Report
A frozen Mallet can be a good item to stick on GP since his oranges remove all CC eventually a Iceborn Gauntlet if you have low CD's Report


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