How to beat Gangplank
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It's hard to counter gankplank with Rek'sai but if you be safe in the early build armor first and start with AD , Armor Penetration and lifesteal runes you have a chance to win Report
Build Randuim's Omen to reduce his critical strikes damage and then build your core AD tank build. Get Cloth at lvl 1 and 4 health potions to sustain his Q poke. He will eventually run out of mana if he uses it too much and that's your opportunity. Report
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build tanky, poke constantly with tongue. Tahm Kench is deceitfully tanky so you can end up winning trades vs gp Report
He can't really get close to you, all he can do is shoot at you. Careful of taking too much damage though, as he can call the jungler and they can try to kill you. Report
Start with some pots for sustain because most GP will start flask .. In most of my Games against GP i build Early Tabi's and Thornmail so his scaling damage with crits doesnt affect you as much and it works 4 times out of 5 even if you're behind in CS Report
You have to Start wich your Q You simply can outrange him. Start with the First Item as Blade of ruined King and you can win every trade against him. So zone him out and deny his farm. Poke with Q till he has to recall Report
If you can manage to harass Gangplank hard, he'll have a lot of trouble farming as he'll have to keep using his W to sustain, and he'll be unable to spam his Q for farming or he'll have to back early. However, this is dangerous for most champions! Report
Activate Bear Stance (E) As soon as he shoots you. Gap could be easily closed and his Range is automaticly turned to Melee. Report
He will eat oranges and be K. Use ability after consumption. Report
deny his farm and bully him all the game, he needs to farm with his "q" so him is not gonna be able to hit you with that Report


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