How to beat Gangplank
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His Q won't do too much to you. Try to save your Silence for after he eats his oranges, that way he won't be able to take the Silence off early. Report
Use your q to get in and destroy barrels just before the timer ticks from 2 to 1, or use your q to get out of range before his parley destroys it. Report
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He will try to stand back and farm with Parrrley. Get up in his face, harass with your spell combo and get out. Don't dive him unless you can burst him through his heal because he'll escape and you'll die to the turret. Report
You can easily out trade him with your Q and E, if he ults use your W to get out of it Report
laning phase against gp is hard as nasus. just focus on your stacks and try to get the minion wave on your side as far as possible. when laning phase is over, just keep farming untill 300 stacks and then push the lane. Report
Your poke is better and he can't Q your tentacles. Use your dunk to alternate between popping and faking out his Powder Kegs. Report
Start with Doran's Shield and he'll stop harassing you; if he doesn't, he'll quickly run out of mana. Report
Just stand back, and spam your q, your health regen is good enough for that. Mundo wins this matchup easily Report
If he GP wastes his W, stun him to a wall and do your thing. Report
GP's lvl 1 max health is huge, so be care about this. Report


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