How to beat Gangplank
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Buying early armor against Gangplank is very effective as it will lower the damage from his Parrrley and auto attacks. Report
Avoid using suppression/stun ultimates on Gangplank because he can cure out of it by using his W(note: Urgot's ult will still cause them to switch places). Report
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Don't clump together crowd control on Gangplank. His W removes all crowd control effects on him at once. Wait until he removes scurvy, then hit hit with hard cc to lock him down. Report
Your passive blocks his Q. Poke with spears, especially when your passive is up and then all-in at lower amounts of health. Gangplank can win all-ins early due to his passive slow and damage if you play the lane incorrectly. Report
After the rework, Gangplank has surprising burst and very decent waveclear. If he places a barrel close to him/ inside the melee minions, be carful that he doesnt drop a barrel on you and instantly ignite it from the chain reaction. Report
Level up Q and E together. When GP Q's on you E to block damage. Build Ghostblade to catch his movement speed. Report
You can from level trade a GP the whole game so don't be afraid to rush him. You're not forced to buy tons of sustain unless he is fed cause your Z regen is supposed to counterbalance his Q damage. Let him poke with Q before jumping in so your E can stu Report
Just use Ripost vs his Parrley. Poke him when you can. At a certain point, he'll be so low you can easily dive his turret. Gangplank is usally a good turret-hugger thanks to his orange and the R, but with your R and an Ignite it's no problem. Report
GP is highly reliant on Parrrley for damage. Dodge one and use the opportunity to jump on him, then win the trade and return to farming. Report
If Gangplank readily expends Remove Scurvvy upon being struck with CC, use Aegis of Zeonia to force it out of him during a gank so that the jungler has a clear shot at him. Report


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