How to beat Galio
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Don't clump together so Galio won't be able to use Flash and his ultimate to CC your whole team. Report
Galio can be interrupted during his channeled ultimate, which will free your teammates from being taunted. Report
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Avoid the target that Galio uses Bulwark on, as it will have greater defenses as well as heal Galio they take damage. Report
Avoid picking champions with DoT against Galio, as this will let him heal even more from his Bulwark. Try to pick AD champions against Galio, as this will force him to build armor and be unable to take advantage of his passive. Report
Braums passive can proc while getting ultimated by galio, meaning if other people are there to you all will be building up your passive while he ults stunning him. Report
The loss of Talon's silence does not change the strategy: Engage before 6 when Galio throws out a Q and slap him with your EAWQ burst. Report
As Lux, max your E and harass Galio with it whenever he tries to approach. If he uses the Bulwark, wait until the shield is over to trigger your E. All you need to do is dodge his Q while lasthitting and harass at distance so he won't be able to ult you. Report
Galio can only use his ultimate if there's an ally close by. When attacking your enemies, be careful of a surprise attack by Galio otherwise he will knock up all allies around him. Watch the mark below an enemy and scatter as soon as possible. Report
Scatter your team when Galio is heading to you, since his ultimate is not affected by any kind of Tenacity build since 4.21, you will not be able to get off his ultimate Report
If Galio engages your team, press R to activate the death-preventer. Report


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