How to beat Fizz
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Throw salt at him, this will demoralize him and make him all dried up Report
Buying a Quicksilver Sash and using it will drop the fish from his ultimate, allowing you to avoid the shark. Report
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Focus him after he uses Playful/Trickster to enter a fight. Report
Avoid staying in lane with low health, as Fizz's Seastone Trident will deal greater damage against lower health targets. Report
Banshees Veil negates Fizz's shark. His entire combo is lost when your Banshees is up. Report
buy angler jax skin and keep fishing. Ez counter. Even early game you are losing but you are jax so you will win Report
Fizz likes to weave in and out of a fight to wait for his cooldowns, so try to take advantage of the time when he is useless and disrupt him with your front line, while keeping your carries safe to handle his extreme damage. Report
Fizz will try to dodge your ability by E'ing onto you and going for a heavy trade. If he doesn't get the trade he will run out of mana extremally quickly, even if he started flask. One E is worth about 1/3 of his mana pool Report
Do not be fooled by people going "AD Fizz". Even if you see them have BotRK as their first item, do not rush armor as the AD isn't what's killing you, it's his W. Rush early MR against this guy, don't die to him early and he won't be able to kill u Report
Fizz can dodge pretty much anything with his E. Any stuns/knockups or huge damage spells should be thrown from up close, or when E is on cooldown. Report


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