How to beat Fizz with Diana Click here for How to beat Diana with Fizz
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Take advantage of you passive. You can vs her in early and late game. When Fizz use second E you must use your E for no escape and attack. You can build Liche same that Fizz to kill him more rapid Report
Getting an Abyssal first item against Fizz is ideal as all of its stats and the aura will benefit you greatly in this close range match up. Report
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Diana's base stats scale better than Fizz's (Excluding Attack Damage). Your attack speed makes up for that. Don't use your E until you know his escapes are on cooldown. You can output your damage faster. Diana should win, as her kit is just better. Report
Try bait him into using his troll pole by spamming Q at him before you engage on him. Report
During the laning (pre lvl 6) phase, carefully stack your passive and use it to hit Fizz or the minions near him as he attempts to cs. Using your W shield will also have the same effect. Report


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