How to beat Fizz
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Buy Negatron and AUG asap, Try to trade him as much as possible before lvl 6. On lvl 2 pick your E. Try to avoid melee meetings. Report
To kill him in lane. you should try poke him down using Q (and maybe W) when hes low enough. Place your Q wait him to enter the stun range. when hes stunned instant use your ult. that way you cant dodge it using hes E, (you can add a Q/W and Ignite if can Report
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If he hits his ult on you you will most likely lose. Save your "E" to move out of the way or ult and e on him. especially when hes close by when its hardest to dodge. If he uses pole pre 6 you can harass or kill, he can dash through you to get away if u Report
Go agro on fizz level 1 with blue card once level 3 hits stay back till he uses his E if he does you can predict where he's going to land which is guaranteed Q damage. Basically it all comes down to patience. Report
Just stay behind your minion wave, and farm with the edge of the Q. Make sure Fizz waste his E to make and engage, and never ult him if he doesn't waste his E. Should play passively, if jungle ganks, go for it! Report
With the new Ryze, Ryze can pretty much perma snare past 6. Fizz his mobility will be less effective, plus your snare cuts off his powerfull combo Report
Fizz is a snowball champion. Poke/push the wave to his tower so he cant farm/roam, and bash his face in if he tries to jump on you. A non snowball Fizz cannot hope to outduel Huekaiser. Your constant pushing and Hue-ing his fish ass should keep him down. Report
After Fizz reaches level 3, never use your Q unless you're literally under your tower. A good Fizz will take your cooldown as an opportunity to strike. Report
After that, play safe under turret until 6. Buy hydra for the sustain. At 6, push the wave and roam mid. Pick up a kill. Get back top. Report
Shove him to tower so he can't roam and has to waveclear with Trickster. You can diminish his burst by Bulwarking yourself before his shark pops up, or heal yourself substantially off his DoT anytime he lands an autoattack or Urchin Strike. Report
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