How to beat Fizz
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Fizz will try to dodge your ability by E'ing onto you and going for a heavy trade. If he doesn't get the trade he will run out of mana extremally quickly, even if he started flask. One E is worth about 1/3 of his mana pool Report
Fizz is very mobile and hard to catch, not to mention his E will easily mitigate the damage of your ultimate. Be especially wary of his own ultimate - consider buying a Zhonya's to counter the pesky shark. Report
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A good Fizz player will E over your turret's blast attack and tag you with his ult. Rush a Zhonya's to prevent yourself from being melted by his full combo, and fizz will be unable to kill you. Report
Fizz's early game is dependent upon trading well in melee range. Use that to your advantage as he'll often try to run into you, making for an easy Q target followed by an auto and E. Report
Do not be fooled by people going "AD Fizz". Even if you see them have BotRK as their first item, do not rush armor as the AD isn't what's killing you, it's his W. Rush early MR against this guy, don't die to him early and he won't be able to kill u Report
Use your stun. he usually tried to use his E to get out of it, which causes him to stun, with W in its center.. Then Q him. Afterwards, when you are sure his fish stick jump is on cooldown, QR. Report
During the laning (pre lvl 6) phase, carefully stack your passive and use it to hit Fizz or the minions near him as he attempts to cs. Using your W shield will also have the same effect. Report
Fizz can dodge pretty much anything with his E. Any stuns/knockups or huge damage spells should be thrown from up close, or when E is on cooldown. Report
At level 1, Anivia needs to autoharass Fizz as much as possible, since if he fights back, you stun him. Fizz will dodge Anivia's Q, especially since it's a slow projectile, so don't bother using it to harass. Wait until 6 to get of an R-E combo. Report
Only use your ultimate when he is directly on top of you to reduce the chances of him using his mobility of escaping the stun. Report
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