How to beat Fizz
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Diana's base stats scale better than Fizz's (Excluding Attack Damage). Your attack speed makes up for that. Don't use your E until you know his escapes are on cooldown. You can output your damage faster. Diana should win, as her kit is just better. Report
Make sure to wait until he uses his playful/trickster ( If you ult him, he could use it at the right time to avoid your mark). early lane, harass him with the w q combo, and clear waves (w e combo) to resist his pushing power. Report
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When Fizz attempts to tag you with his ult, simply dash to the side with yours. You still have two charges for damage left then. Report
The trick to beating fizz is your stun - doesn't matter with what but the ult is best. KEEP AT LEAST ONE PYRO CHARGE AT ALL TIMES!!!. (Why?) It turns into a stun at 4 charges and you have 3 spells. USE E first to raise defenses then spam on to ULT. Report
When a Fizz dives he'll assume you're going to hurt him a bit. He'll hit trickster after coming in. MAKE SURE YOU DONT WASTE THE DMG. Hit you E to raise defenses then once he lands continue to burst him to hell and finish with a nice ult. Ignite helps Report
Some FIzz players tend to use his dash to hit you under tower, then his leap to safely avoid a tower shot. Make this his biggest mistake by using Ring of Frost before he can leap, keeping him under tower. Report
Don't walk around with the stun's obvious and all the Fizz is going to do is save his cooldowns for one amazing dive once its gone Report
Try bait him into using his troll pole by spamming Q at him before you engage on him. Report
When fizz jumps on you with q,u can just charm him and cancel it Report
LVL 1 and 2 harass him, on 3 give him some space, abuse of this to call for a gank, just put one soldier close to the wave and keep farming, if he gets close to the soldier poke him , if he goes for a all in do a W + E escape, after some kills u be fine. Report
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