How to beat Fizz
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Save your Divine Intervention for the moment Fizz shark is about to pop up, Fizz will use that knock up to lay on the majority of his burst and the shark itself hurts a lot as well so it is generally the best thing to block. Report
Fizz will pretty much be able to outduel you post-6, so pre-6 set him behind by poking with Q+W whenever he goes in to cs, and poke him out of lane. Report
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As soon as you see him get on top of his trident with his E, use W immediately. He won't be able to target you and and this leaves Fizz extremely vulnerable to counetattack -especially during the laning phase. Report
Just poke him in early game with combo (Q+W) but use q first and try to juke him and let him use his E than use your W for a bonus magic dmg,try to attack him from bushes and burst him with dfg and your spells combo (my best choice is DFG - E+Q+R+W) Report
Fizz relies heavily to dodge skillshots with he E so he can win trades (Brand for example) however Ryze's abilties are click-point, meaning it is harder for Fizz to dodge Ryze's abilities with E. Report
buy angler jax skin and keep fishing. Ez counter. Even early game you are losing but you are jax so you will win Report
Keep your distance and poke Fizz as much as you can with your E. Post-6 try to wait for him to use his E then go full combo on him. Make sure you carry an Ignite to surely kill him. Be careful as if he ults you through your combo it will interupt yours! Report
Fizz likes to weave in and out of a fight to wait for his cooldowns, so try to take advantage of the time when he is useless and disrupt him with your front line, while keeping your carries safe to handle his extreme damage. Report
Getting an Abyssal first item against Fizz is ideal as all of its stats and the aura will benefit you greatly in this close range match up. Report
Pre level 6 you can poke him anytime you feel like it. Your passive blocks his Q and with your dashes you can dodge his E and stay out of his AA range. You can block his ult with your W but it wont disappear so if you step on it it can still attach on you Report
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