How to beat Fizz
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Using your e when he tries to q in will make instalny a big amount of damage because will will rapidly bounch between you and him. Report
Free Stuns. Annie's stuns are not consumed if the spell doesnt hit. Using Q will ensure you bait out playful trickster and still keep your stacks. Since your cooldowns are more fair, you can easily go back in. Report
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Fizz has more early damage than you would expect. Try not engage without help or a clear advantage, and be sure to bring pots!. Report
Wait till fizz uses his tidal trickster ( his e) then u ult and go ham Report
Get in his face from level 1, Fizz cannot compete with Morde wave pushing/tankiness via shield and unavoidable poke. He simply can't trade with you and his trollpole will not help him avoid any of your abilities. Report
Yasuo's passive blocks fizz's Q.Yasuo's Windwall can block fizz's shark (skillshot aka a projectile). Report
Zhonya Hourglass will negate completely fizz ult. Report
In lane, don't let him get close to the minions. Q/E him whenever he gets close but keep max autoattack range distance to avoid him engaging on you. Report
Take advantage of you passive. You can vs her in early and late game. When Fizz use second E you must use your E for no escape and attack. You can build Liche same that Fizz to kill him more rapid Report
Whenever possible during early lane, Q harass him and then autoattack him and back off. Repeat this over and over, it will force the fish to stay back to avoid any futher harass and it will keep him from making aggressive plays. Report
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