How to beat Fiora with Trundle Click here for How to beat Trundle with Fiora
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If you stand behind the minion line, she will probably use her lunge and parry to harass you. If she does. Use your pillar to stop her lunge back to minions, and don't hit her parry. After her parry is off you can harass for for large amounts of damage. Report
If Fiora tries to farm, bait her parry before trying to harass her. If she didn't parry you you can harass her until her parry comes off of her 10 second cool down (at level one). Report
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Remember, at level six she can kill you if you are at about half health. No matter what, if she goes in on you at level six don't hit her parry. This is the hardest point of the landing phase, especially if she finished Tiamat. Harass early. Report


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