How to beat Fiora with Pantheon Click here for How to beat Pantheon with Fiora
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Play aggressive, you need to have your passive as often as possible. Report
long sword+2hp+1mp and just spam your Q on her. after level 2 learn W and she should be about 50% so now you can easy kill her. Report
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Play aggressive, but don't overdo it. Keep an eye on Fiora's damage output and Q her as much as you can. If you do this right, she should have about 50% health at lvl 3 and you should have no problem landing the good old Q>W>E>(A)>Q combo. B Report
Wait for Fiora to dash in with her Burst of Speed. If you stun her, it'll make that ability useless. Report
You're passive is a counter to fiora. she will repost your q but your q has a way shorter cooldown. If she ults stun and youmuu's away. She will have an easier time pushing so you can ult back to wave to waveclear Report


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