How to beat Fiora with Jax Click here for How to beat Jax with Fiora
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Fiora and jax are both great duelist, but jax has the upper hand with his e, as fiora bait out his e before going in, In a long drawn out fight jax should win Report
Be carefull after fiora's reork she can ez counter jax's stun ant it will give her win Report
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after the rework fiora have changed alot and jax is weak vs fiora now, but try to bait fioras w then use the stun ability on fiora Report
if you are 1vs1 a fiora you need to ult to reduce her Q + AA dmg and remember to save your E when She ult late game jax don't even need his E to kill fiora Report
Jax cannot dodge Fiora's Q. At All. If she engages on you with Q, don't bother with E yet UNTIL she uses her E(pre6) or R(post6) Report
Whatever you do, WAIT THE DUEL OUT A BIT before hitting her. If she engages on you, she will most likely have activated her W too. Just leave your E on and Q her if need be and wait before smacking her, because trust me, her parry hurts. Report


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