How to beat Fiora
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Armor will both reduce all of Fiora's damage dealt and add to Malphite's Ground Slam's damage; Ground Slam, even without bonus damage, is the most effective way of dueling Fiora. Report
long sword+2hp+1mp and just spam your Q on her. after level 2 learn W and she should be about 50% so now you can easy kill her. Report
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Don't be afraid to go in for damage trades in early game, most Fioras are really predictable with their E+Q combo, so be ready to escape from the basic attacks of her E, then you can go all-in, once Fiora hits level 6 she can dive you, so play smart. Report
Use Sanguine pool (W) when she uses Blade waltz (R). This will negate any damage done to you. Report
It is advised to take Doran's shield first. Another path is to start cloth armor and rush thornmail. Build Randuins if it still feels a little rough. If you are snowballing, build Ravenous and then your other tank items. Report
Play aggressive, but don't overdo it. Keep an eye on Fiora's damage output and Q her as much as you can. If you do this right, she should have about 50% health at lvl 3 and you should have no problem landing the good old Q>W>E>(A)>Q combo. B Report
Be carefull after fiora's reork she can ez counter jax's stun ant it will give her win Report
Wait for Fiora to dash in with her Burst of Speed. If you stun her, it'll make that ability useless. Report
Late game Blade Waltz is a game breaker but the damage is on hit. When a messy teamfight erupts immediately aim your blind at her. It will outlast her ult and she will deal no damage (hydra will also miss). Report
Both champions have similar damage early in the game, make sure to trade with her when she forces it but, otherwise just farm till you can get sunfire. Once you have sunfire she will lose engages and will fall behind fast if she tries. Report
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