How to beat Ezreal with Fizz Click here for How to beat Fizz with Ezreal
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Most Ezreal players will try to find an opening so he/she can poke you with their Q, so try to stay behind minions. Also, if he gets too near you to try to poke you, W Q him and gives him a few autos and E back or if he is low, go for the kill with R. Report
Your laning spike against Ez begins when you hit 3 so try to farm safely until then. Also it's best to start with a Flask and 3 HP pots since Ezreal will be poking you a lot before and after you're 3. Report
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You can both Engage with your Q and your E since Ezreal doesn't have any CC to stop you from doing what you want. But make sure to be careful of their jungler and if you know that their jungler is near, engage with Q instead so you can exit with your E. Report
There's no reason for a Fizz to lose to an Ezreal in lane because you pretty much counters ALL of his abilities. You can Gap close him with your Q and follow up his arcane shift with your E. Report


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