How to beat Evelynn
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If you think Evelynn is near, use skill or AoE spells (Like a Ziggs's Bouncing Bomb or Ezreal's Mystic Shot) in her direction. If they hit it will disable her passive and reveal her. Report
Eve's lack of blinks or dashes make it difficult to avoid your hook or escape it once grabbed. Report
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Destiny reveals where Eve is through stealth. Her burst is not enough to kill TF before he throws a gold card, and she has no hard gapclosers to finish him off. Report
If you see evelyns heart run and use slow or grab skillshots behing you Report
1.If eve is ganking, harass her and fall back immediately. 2.If you have an Eve as an enemy, be sure to scatter control wards at the common ganking spots 3.If you're chasing Eve, be careful cause she can burst you down if your health is below 50% Report
Eve's range is too low to avoid your burst and you can outpush her with Q and W. Report
You instantly out damage her, all she has on her side is mobility and stealth. Keep your wither for encounters in the jungle and have a pink ward in key spots around your own jungle. Then farm happy on your q. Report
Ravage hurts but Eve doesn't have the tools to chase Kassadin down or punish him for spamming Null Sphere. Report
While Eve will probably win a straight-up duel, she will never be able to get close enough for one. Report
Mord outpushes Eve and makes it extremely hard for her to cs or even trade when Mord has creep advantage. If you think the enemy jungler might be near then you may want to call your own jungler so you don't have to back off and miss cs. Report


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