How to beat Ekko with Talon Click here for How to beat Talon with Ekko
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Play safe in early, then at lvl 6 harras him. Your ult-cd is lower than his so use it! Report
Ekko is weak while his ultimate is on cooldown. Poke him untill he uses ultimate, then go all in on him with your ultimate. Report
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Heavily punish him if he wastes his Q and E as he cannot fight well with them on cooldown Report
Do not be afraid to force Ekko's ultimate with your own as it is about 20-30 seconds shorter cooldown than his at all ranks. Report
Due to Ekko's W long cast time, he cannot use it effectively in sudden all-in duels, forcing him to rely on his ultimate to escape. If he suddenly does use it while laning, back off immediately as you are more than likely being ganked. Report
Staying behind minions can reduce the likelihood of you being hit by Ekko's Q as it slows down once it hits a enemy unit or monster. It also leaves him vulnerable to your W poke during it's cooldown Report
Before ult Ekko will be able to out-poke for a good bit. But after, Talon can out-burst as long as he dodges Ekko's stun/shield. Poke him down until he uses an ability and then go in for the kill as usual. Report


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