How to beat Ekko with Malzahar Click here for How to beat Malzahar with Ekko
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when he jumps on you, you can easy make your full combo with ult to burst him. While you ult he cant escape with his. At lane poke him down and farm with e Report
Ekko is very all-in. When he uses his E to come and hit you, this puts him in perfect range of your ult. If he does this, Q him as his dash ends and ult him before he hits his base attack, and you should kill him. Report
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All you need to do, it's get the sixth level and give him initiation. Use Q ahead of the his curve , for couldn't return on ult, spam E, W and just ulting. Ekko is so squish. Report
Just avoid Ekko's Q: all his abilities depends hard on it. Don't try to kill him when you low because he can use Ulti and then you dead(Only do it if your Ulti can kill him). Report
With an All in when ekko has half of hp, he cant even ult to get safe. An smart Malzahar can reck an Ekko Report
Pock him with your e, when he got the visions on him, ulti and ignite and ekko is death Report


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