How to beat Ekko with Heimerdinger Click here for How to beat Heimerdinger with Ekko
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Try keep your turrets away from your minions as much as possible whilst still keeping in range to attack minions and Ekko so his Q will only do so much. If he tries to melee, stun him with your E, R+W on him and your W is literally a tool to harass. Report
As with many melee assassins, Heimerdinger can outlast Ekko simply by playing safe and keep active, healthy turrets up at all times and within reach. Apply stuns around turrets if Ekko engages you directly. Report
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Heimer counter ekko so esey, ekko not even a match to him, u play safe with turrets, drop them on sides so he cant destroy them with the minions and also its help u to counter jungle, turrets got faster cd and less mana then is Q, esey win with turrets !! Report


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