How to beat Dr. Mundo
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Ignite significantly lowers Mundo's Health regen from his passive and ultimate. Report
If Mundo can't be bursted by your team when he turns on his ultimate, ignore him until his ultimate ends. Report
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Mundo ganks can easily be averted by dodging the first Cleaver. Report
If possible try to slow him during chases and Dodge his cleavers. If he lands more than 2 cleavers on you in a chase you are Doomed so it's Definately necessary to Dodge the cleavers. Report
Use your early game pressure to zone him from CS as much as possible. A well placed Apprehend before he has many defensive items can score you an early kill. Freeze the lane and zone him as if he can't start stacking health quickly he gets shutdown easil Report
If Mundo is building armor max your E, as it will do true dmg. Report
Mundo goes where he pleases, so get as much vision as you can Report
Liandry's Torment and Blade of the Ruined King deal damage based on a target's current and maximum health respectively, while Executioner's Calling and Morellonomicon apply healing reductions. Work these items into your build against Dr. Mundo. Report
It's hard to chase a mundo, so make sure that you hit at least two axes. Exhaust or ghost might be a good choice. Report
The only concern that olaf should have against a mundo is mundo's cleavers. If olaf can dodge the cleavers, then his 'w' lifesteal and true dmg 'e' will slaughter mundo. Then, when mundo is trying to run, a well placed axe will slow him down to kill Report


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