How to beat Draven
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If he wants to interrupt your culling with his e just use your e Report
He'll outdamage you early game and even late if someone gives him a couple of kills. Try to keep him low with poke, farm at safe distance, all in when he's low. Blue ez with the aoe slow and more armor may work better than trinity. Consider thornmail Report
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Displacement abilities, in Thresh's q and e, screw over trying to catch your axes Report
E+Q+R(stuns) are good for breaking Draven's spinning axes. Report
when he gonna catch his axe use your q+e combo to harras this will forced draven to go base or stay near tower so he cannot stack passive Report
Your ult is extremely effective at preventing Draven from chasing you and your ADC. Use it to stop him from catching axes, and therefore not allow the reset on Draven's W. Report
Draven is weak against CC. First thing you need to ask is to tell your team to take a hard CC support like Thresh, Leona, etc. One with high damage that can give you burst. Rush trinity, don't die, farm safe early, trade mid game and win. Report
Save your W for escape if you found Draven really really annoying to you. Report
Draven has high damage with his Q, but you can also do burst damage by using E and the rest of the combos to shred his armour off. It would be even better if you have a support like blitz, thresh or leona etc to lock him down. Report
Black Shield immunizes Morgana's target against Draven's Stand Aside. Report


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