How to beat Draven
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Try to keep a constant harass on him during lane. Get a support that will help with it, and since you get armor from your passive, you should be able to win trades. Report
Dash is your friend! Use it to escape Draven's range, his E, and later on it's perfect to sidestep out of his ult. Smokescreen can prevent his Spinning Axes from doing too much damage when he engages, and allows you to poke him a bit. Report
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Draven does not fear any ADC. What he fears is your support. Play smart and avoid situations where he can all in you using a combination of your tower, your higher range, poke, and evasion tool. Draven can't catch you if you land your E even with his W. Report
You can use the Spinning Axe marker to your advantage by casting Living Artillery on it so that Draven will be forced to make a choice between taking damage or catching his axe. Report
Draven will try to poke you at early levels so play deffensive and if you have a CC supp like Alistar, Leona, Taric (his biggest counters) try to bait him so he stands in front of his minions and try to keep him stunned !!! Report
Use your Bio-Arcane barrage to poke him right after he uses his Spinning Axe to kill a minion; he will usually prefer to catch the axe instead of trading back and the extra range will put you in a safe spot to prevent him from using Blood Rush to you. Report
pull where he is going to catch his axes he will most likely try to get it Report
You will see where the axe will go the draven will probably go to the axe and get it but as blitz try to hook the place where the axe will go. Report
Using braum's E blocks draven's ult and spinning axes effectively if done right. Report
Just look for Dravens Axes. Get close in order not to miss your e. If he goes for catching it hes dead if not he lost alot of mana fine as well:D Report


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