How to beat Dr. Mundo
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In late game teamfights the way to counter him is to make him irrelevant - as long as you respect his cleavers and Q you can more or less ignore him as he has low CC and damage output. Report
Dodge his cleavers at all costs, early boots and mr will help. While it will become damn near impossible to kill him, so long as you dont focus him you will contribute more to mid-late game teamfigh Report
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Block Sadism with Shrapnel Shot and, as an added bonus, knock him into a wall or tower if he gets too close. Report
Mundo's poor early game sustain makes him an awful pick for jungling. Counterjungling in any form will greatly deny his snowballing potential. Report
After a certain point in the game, buying the Executioner's Calling, or Morellonomicon is useless, due to Mundo being tanky enough to not be in the threshold to get grievous wounds Report


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