How to beat Dr. Mundo
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If you just stay safely behind your minions, Mundo can't touch you with his cleavers. You can also use w to block or e to dodge his harass. Report
Build a Rylais and be surrounded by turrets. A slow-mo Mundo rarely is a threat. Report
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Be careful taking ignite against Mundo, as it's all too easy to waste it on his regeneration. Save it for when you're absolutely sure you can secure the kill, or take teleport instead. Report
Elise's Q in her regular form is extremely effective against Dr. Mundo. Spam it on him and he will constantly use his ult just to stay in lane with you. oh and dodge his cleaves Report
You can dash to a minion to get out of his W. When he chases you, you can drop your W to dodge his Q easier. Report
This is an easy lane. Harass him with Q and activate with E everytime you can while staying out of his W. When he is low, he will use his ultimate. After that, burst him down. /!\ DON'T ENGAGE if he has his ultimate up, wait and poke him (or ignite him) Report
If you are a burst mage, try to cast your combo the as soon as he uses his ultimate because he will have 20% less HP for a second or two. Report
Dr. Mundo has to get to Vayne to damage her, and Vayne is one of or is the best kiters in the game, use mobility to your advantage and keep your distance Report
Any good player knows how to dodge skillshots. This is the only way to kite Mundo, which is extremely easy as Teemo if you dodge mundo's cleavers. Report
As is, Impure Shots greatly hinder Mundo's Sadism heal. Compound this effect with Blade of the Ruined King or a high critical chance in order to solo the Madman of Zaun safely and efficiently. Report


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