How to beat Dr. Mundo
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rush botrk.... use your q when you want to slow him during a chase until he use ult ....there use your botrk activ (using it earlier won't help i guess) Report
If you have the mana, a lvl 3/4 E>Q>W combo can all but guarentee you a free trade, or even a kill. Report
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Fizz entire moveset counteracts Mundo's; utilize Playful/Trickster to dodge Infected Cleavers and cast Seastone Trident's active to block Mundo's sustain during Sadism. Report
Tryndamere has the advantage in an engage with mundo. The rage passively increases the crit strike chance, which is essential. Once tryndamere dodges a few axes, tryndamere has enough of an advantage to engage him and live. Report
Keep behind minions and hit him when you have your W unlocked Report
If you are going to be top or feel as if you are facing a Mundo support ( which used to be a thing due to the poke ), level up Silver Bolts ASAP, with a point in it at level 1 and than a point in Tumble. Since it has %dmg, Mundo can't stand up to it. POK Report
Try to kill Mundo before 6. No escapes = easy kill with jungler if needed. Report
Try and dodge his cleavers. When he uses his burning agony you back off for a bit and go in after that. Beware of his masochism as hit gives him tons of dmg, the first few fights will be close but after 2 kills he's an easy target Report
Not many kills in this lane, you both have great sustain, but your advantage is your range, harass and outfarm him, his only engage is his cleaver, so if he hits it, e,q, then pool away from him. Report
Just Go Dominik's Regard for the 15% added damage to burst him down quicker or Mortal Reminder for Grievous wounds which significantly lessen his healing Report


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