How to beat Dr. Mundo
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Gnar's passive W directly counters Mundo, since Mundo predominantly builds health. Buying a BoRK on Gnar will not only increase your damage towards Mundo, but also augment the damage your W already deals. Report
Mundo will build alot of resistances and alot of hp, making him a great target to ult. Your pillar also greatly disturbs him, as he has to walk around it. Use this to your advantage in fights. Report
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Mundo can be a hassle with his cleaver, but as long as you stay behind your minions for the majority of your time in lane you should be fine. Although he can't bully you enough to truly matter, don't be afraid to push back a little when he gets frisky. Report
Bio-Arcane Barrage is one of the most potent abilities in the game to use against Dr. Mundo as it causes Kog'Maw's autoattacks to deal bonus magic damage based on a target's maximum health. Report
Mundo lacks the damage to pressure you. Use this opportunity to get as much farm as possible in the early game because you both scale well. Report
If Mundo is trying to chase you, move on a "zigzag" way. This will make difficult for Mundo to hit the cleavers on you. Report
Be aggressive during the early levels and try to deny him farm. post 10 he wins. at level three you can duel him easily. tag him with your E first though, of you will surly lose. follow up with W to get close and Q first to double up on the E passive. Report
I haven't found this that difficult. MINIONS ARE YOUR FRIENDS. Stay behind your wave and use q to farm and punish mundo when he goes for CS. Then, use the E, W, Auto Q, E combo to damage him and get out w/o losing health. Report
Mundo cannot use his full strenght q on poppy because of her passive cutting the dmg in half. Poppy also have a lot of burst, and her q also deals dmg based on max health, which is strong vs mundo Report
His early game sustain is pretty bad but his damage is high aswell. Report


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