How to beat Diana with Swain Click here for How to beat Swain with Diana
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catch her with W and cast Q and E after and give her some AA, so you will damage her over time. After lvl6 its easy for you, cause she need to get close to you for fight and you can heal yourself with ulty, just stay in minion wave for max healing of ulty Report
Diana needs to get close to deal her damage. Swain is simply too tanky to be bursted down. Diana has no escapes if she is "all-inning". Just trap her with your W right up against you, and turn on your ult. Report
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Pre-6, Diana stands a chance. Diana should try to be aggressive Pre-6. She should block out most of his pokes with her W, and proc it on the minions to try to get ahead in CS. But once 6 is hit, Swain will always out trade Diana. Report


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