How to beat Darius with Trundle Click here for How to beat Trundle with Darius
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Trundle allways win vs darius. Try to use your Q before he uses his Q and use your ultimate before you are getting lower than 50% of your HP. Don't play agressive, but if he engage you can fight at lvl 2. Start with doran's shield. Report
He's really strong against you pre 6 and at 6. It gets easier around level 11 once you finish Bork and half a tank item. Ask for a gank level 2 and get pillar second. Report
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Avoid his bleed effects, you can out sustain him if you bait him into using his mana when he gets into lane, just don't get pulled in. Be sure to use less mana than him, and if he is oom you can go in on him if you finished bilge water or bork. Report
You can outsustain him with your passive and his Q isn't that big of a deal. Your chomp will out damage him in lane. Be aggressive but don't overcommit and you should win. Report


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