How to beat Darius with Ryze Click here for How to beat Ryze with Darius
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While you're ranged, if you get pulled in by Darius you're dead. That's how this lane mostly goes. His early damage is HUGE and he will most likely call for ganks. Ward and keep your distance. Careful when you AA on him as the range is the same as his Report
Its extremely hard to dominate darius. You need to play perfectly,never get pulled or he will bully on you badly. Try to Q out of his pull range(its possible). if u step too close ure dead. GL Report
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I had success with Flask, 1 health, 2 mana pots start. Harass and farm. Dont get pulled, and beware the dunk. Take TP, back when you can get a tear and TP in, build normal, keep making sure you can sustain mana use. Report


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