How to beat Darius with Riven Click here for How to beat Riven with Darius
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Start cloth five do NOT do anything before three and make sure you are full health and back after three buy items and e his q he doesnt have any more damage after his q Report
try to make him miss hes e it has long cdr and then drag is q for nothing if you do full combo as fast as you can Report
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Play safe in the early game as he could win trades with you if you're not careful. When he pulls you, stun him using your W and fight him using your Q,then use your E to retreat. Repeating this could let you win trades easily at lvl 3 onwards. Report
Play passively until level 3,then you can start to trade.When you see channeling his Decimate,dash to him to deny blade damage&healing and combo him.Save one of your dashes to disengage from his E.At level 6,fully engaging on Darius is a free kill. Report
if your afraid start e play safe and avoid his q/e. However at very early a good riven CAN out damage darius - start q and trade early, if he misses his q GO TRADE you will easily win it. at mid game unless your ahead be carefull cause he outscales hard Report


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